May 04, 2022 | News

Welcome to Bowen Cloud & CX

When we began this journey twenty years ago, our business was primarily focused on clients that sold hardware to communications service providers.


Our path has not been linear, nor has that of the communications industry. Communications technology has become more open and more software oriented. In 2007, the iPhone took the power of data out of carrier networks and put it in the hands of consumers, Internet companies, and innovative application developers. Cloud technologies and SaaS have fundamentally altered how enterprises deliver on customer expectations.


In the last five years, as we have seen increasing corporate emphasis on driving digital, real-time, and social consumer engagement, “Cloud & Communications” software has evolved from making phone calls and browsing the internet on PCs, to a digital-first, mobile-first world built around engaging us – the consumer.


Today, we announce a rebrand, and the changes are so comprehensive that we have decided to retire the word “Communications” entirely. We will miss it dearly, but the industry has progressed so far since Alexander Graham Bell and POTS that we decided it needs something new, something bold.


Our Cloud & CX Team: Paul Bowen, Kevin O. Hawkins, Garrison Macri, and William Rich

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