Bowen is a strategic partner, dedicated to guiding growth tech companies through their most critical transactions. Our bespoke advisory services blend deep industry knowledge with strategic acumen, enabling companies and stakeholders to realize their full potential.

Sellside M&A

Bowen is most well known for our sellside advisory services. Our clients include both private and public companies seeking to maximize shareholder value. Our deep knowledge and relationships in technology markets enable us to find the right strategic and financial acquirers for our clients.

Bowen’s buyside clients include both public and private companies as well as private equity firms. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge, we provide our clients with strategic counsel informed by objective, insightful judgment, helping them to identify and prioritize appropriate acquisition targets. Bowen’s comprehensive buyside services include: strategic planning, market research, target identification, valuation and structuring, business due diligence, negotiations and closing.

Bowen provides private placement services on a selective basis for growth tech companies seeking to raise a minimum of $20 million in a growth equity or strategic investment round. Bowen’s financing strategy often entails marrying a corporate venture capital group to a financial lead. Our process excels at matching expansion-stage clients with the optimal financing partners.

Through an affiliate, we are able to provide early to mid-stage venture capital to B2B companies. We target investments that focus on tangible product technologies, defined market opportunities and solid leadership teams in companies that are at an inflection point of development and expansion.

Bowen offers an accelerated, broad outreach offering process through our Xcelerate division. Xcelerate combines our deep industry knowledge and proven transaction expertise while leveraging well-established internet auction techniques. The result is a timed-exit, sellside M&A process that exposes our clients to the widest possible audience while covering every critical step in a traditional transaction.

Cross-Border Expertise

Bowen has focused on serving growing technology companies since its inception. Our banking teams combine deep industry knowledge and international transactional skills to successfully advise innovative companies in transactions across all geographies.