April 17, 2024 | Insights

Cybersecurity Update: The Impact of AI

Bowen’s latest report ‘Cybersecurity Update: The Impact of AI,’ examines AI’s impact on the cybersecurity sector, including an overview of emerging AI platforms, key risks, and emerging security solutions for AI, as well as an overview of related opportunities across the cybersecurity landscape.


  • AI has historically been leveraged and integrated into a number of consumer and enterprise products which provided a foundation for widespread adoption and continued advancement of the underlying technology 
  • The availability of ChatGPT and other Generative AI (“Gen AI”) platforms has spurred a new wave of applications which uniquely leverage AI to generate real-time recommendations, responses and other forms of business process automation  
  • The increasing adoption of Gen AI across organizations has created renewed concerns around security risks, as new threat vectors have emerged from next-generation AI models and the surrounding technology stack 
  • As the concern for the security and governance of AI grows, Cloud hyperscalers, emerging AI platform players, and a number of emerging AI security and governance vendors are building solutions focused on secure and “Reponsible” AI 
  • In addition, the amount of security data enterprises generate today can be overwhelming for existing security systems, driving an increasing need for AI-enabled security solutions 
  • As a result, AI is increasingly becoming a key enabling technology in the cybersecurity sector and a source of differentiation across a number of security market segments 

The report digs deeper into these trends and provides an overview of some of the key industry participants who are driving innovation to provide secure and compliant AI, but also leverage AI itself to provide more robust and effective cybersecurity solutions. Below is a breakdown of some of the key topics covered in the report: 

  • Cybersecurity for Emerging AI Platforms 
    • Traditional AI vs Generative AI 
    • Initial Strategic Moves made by Leading Industry Players 
    • Initial Use Cases for Generative AI 
    • Convergence of AI & Security 
    • Potential Risks of AI and Responsible AI 
    • Solution Offerings & Selected Vendors Focused on AI Security/Governance 
  • AI-enabled Cybersecurity Solutions 
    • AI as a Key Enabler for Emerging Cybersecurity Solutions 
    • Benefits & Use Cases of AI in Cybersecurity 
    • Threat Intelligence – The Foundation of AI-Enabled Security Solutions 
    • AI as a Weapon for Hackers to Launch New Forms of Attacks 
    • Selected Security Segments Actively Putting AI to Work

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