Seven Bridges Receives $15 Million Series C Financing from a Strategic Investor

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Bowen Serves as Exclusive Financial Advisor to Seven Bridges

BOSTON, May 6, 2021 – Bowen is pleased to announce that Seven Bridges, an innovative precision medicine company that enables life sciences and translational researchers to extract meaningful insights from multi-omic data, has received $15 million in a first close of its $30 million Series C financing from a new life sciences investor. Bowen is acting as the exclusive financial advisor to Seven Bridges.

Seven Bridges is revolutionizing bioinformatics to reduce the time, cost and risk associated with the successful discovery and commercialization of precision medicines. The Company’s platform has cracked the code for viewing genomic data without it having to cross borders, allowing researchers to look at it through a “single pane of glass.” ARIA, introduced last year to the Company’s tool suite, facilitates the combined analysis of genomic and phenotypic data at the unprecedented scale of a million or more participants. The strategic financing will help expand Seven Bridges’ sales and marketing efforts in its core bioinformatics business and accelerate the continuing enhancement of the Company’s ecosystem, where patients and their genomic data are aggregated longitudinally for biopharma pipeline management, research, development and clinical trial recruitment.

“The internal rate of return on pharma investment has decreased from 10.1% to 1.9%, while the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to reduce drug prices. By leveraging our platform for managing and analyzing genomic and multi-omic data, we are able to expand the addressable market via additional indications and shorten novel drug commercialization by months, saving biopharma companies billions of dollars in the process,” said Bill Moss, CEO of Seven Bridges. “Bowen shepherded us through the life sciences and healthcare venture capital and CVC landscape to attract a value-added investor. This investment will catalyze our leading position in the genomics research space.”

“With its industry-leading analytics platform and global partnerships, Seven Bridges is redefining and optimizing the processes for precision medicine and drug development,” said Bob Fleming, Managing Director at Bowen. “Bowen sees a paradigm shift evolving in the life sciences market as biopharma companies will pay a premium for quality genetic data and outsourced services. Seven Bridges’ aim to create a feedback loop between providers and life sciences firms will deliver value to all stakeholders, further enhancing value-based care and drug development.”

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