GatesAir Acquired by Thomson Broadcast 

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What do GatesAir, Coca-Cola, UPS, L.L. Bean, Harley-Davidson and Equifax have in common? They are all over 100 years old. 

What percentage of companies last over 100 years?  Less than one-half of one percent!

What world events would a 100-year-old company have survived? While it would have narrowly missed the close of World War I, it would have lived through World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War and the Cold War. It would have survived Prohibition, the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression and Three Mile Island. It would have witnessed groundbreaking inventions, from sliced bread (1928!) to the Internet.

As Bowen celebrates our 20th year, we stand in awe of our client and friends at GatesAir who are proudly celebrating their 100th year. It is not often that we get to work with a company so steeped in history – well, actually it is a first – and GatesAir’s over-the-air broadcasting and public safety solutions have not only stood the test of time, they have, literally, been a part of history.

Today, we announce that the acquisition of GatesAir, a portfolio company of The Gores Group, by Thomson Broadcast has closed. We are very excited for the next 100 years! 

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