March 10, 2023 | Insights

Sustainable Food and Agriculture Industry Liquidity Report

Bowen has released its Industry Liquidity Report focused on the Sustainable Food & Agriculture (SFA) sector. The report leverages Bowen’s industry expertise and in-depth capital market knowledge to analyze the current state of liquidity in the SFA sector.



  • The agtech segment has received heavy investment over the past decade, yet many funds have had difficulty exiting their positions.
  • Irrational exuberance around sector-defining transactions, and their subsequent collapse in valuation, has tainted agtech opportunities in the eyes of some investors.
  • As a developing industry, agtech has historically lacked clear, large-scale PE and strategic acquirers, limiting liquidity opportunities.
  • Exit opportunities do exist, with multiple strategic acquirers from Ag and ag-adjacent industries pursuing M&A strategies.



The full report evaluates key market trends including an analysis of:

  • Strategic Acquirers Pursuing M&A Strategies
  • Global Agtech VC Exit and Deal Activity
  • Areas of Opportunity in SFA Sub-Sectors
  • Public Company Valuation Data


Download the full report.

Learn more about Bowen’s SFA Practice.


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